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09 February 2008 @ 11:53 pm
Yep. So there won't be any more posts here, all the icons will stay up(hopefully), but I won't be adding any new posts to the community. Any icon posts I do now will be found at apocatastic, so please watch it?
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18 January 2008 @ 09:42 pm
Done for iconfiend100

Series Princess Resurrection (Kaibutsu Ōjo)
Theme Set Gamma
New Icons 66-90
Progress 90/100

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may dieCollapse )

1. Credit if used.
2. Comments please ._.?
3. Textless are most likely bases. Ask if you have any questions.
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09 January 2008 @ 10:39 pm
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01 January 2008 @ 05:54 pm
Halfway done with Johto
Progress charter is here
Last batch
It's a revolving door of PokemonCollapse )
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25 December 2007 @ 09:41 pm
Okay...so I'm bored, and frankly, I feel I need practice icon making. So yeah, comment with anything you want made, and I'll try my best to do it. This'll probably be open till the end of the week or so.

If you don't like the finished product, please say so. Pointing out what I did wrong helps me to not do it again O:
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15 December 2007 @ 04:09 pm
1-10 Bleach
11-16 Rozen Maiden
17-19 Speed Grapher
20-21 Super Smash Bros. Brawl
22 Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles
23 Kingdom Hearts II
24 Doctor Who

1 Rozen Maiden banner too

There are traces of something on the carpet =/Collapse )

Comments are appreciated
Credit if taking anything
Feel free to write all over the banner if you're taking it.
Watch plz?
About #4...I don't know ._. He was like that in the screencap and it amused me.
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21 November 2007 @ 09:03 pm
26 in all
And then Sora was an Keyblade MasterCollapse )
Comment, credit, etc. Watch the comm maybe?
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18 November 2007 @ 09:29 pm
Next Johto set. Almost halfway done with this generation of Pokemon.
Progress charter is here
Last batch
Credits Here
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18 November 2007 @ 08:32 pm
Was playing with brushes, liked the outcome, blew it up and made textures from it O:

1. Comment if taking. It lets me know if I should bother making more in the future.
2. Credit if using. Plz?
3. Have fun with them.
4. Thanks noc_mel for the brushes again x:
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08 November 2007 @ 05:39 pm
Mostly from the Overture OP, but a couple other ones

2 clown thing
16 Sugin Tou
2 Shinku
1 Shinku and Sugin Tou
1 Sousei Seki
2 Suisei Seki

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